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Random Pashmina Scarf

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Color: Feminine Design

Let's be real, it's hard picking out a pash because they’re ALL so beautiful. We get lost in the beauty of each paisley and colors that are crossed making each pashmina so unique and vibrant.
This is a listing for a random patterned pashmina. Some are metallic, some aren't.

Feminine Design- Bright or pastel colors, with the possibility of butterfly prints.
Neutral Design- Tan & Earth tones; Dark/deep colors etc.

What is a Pashmina?
•It is the art of handcrafted scarves from fine Cashmere that came from the cultures of India, Pakistan and Nepal. Unlike a regular scarf, pashminas are extremely beautiful with its unique crafted fine threads making a mural of wearable art. I am happy to share my culture with you and providing beautifully rare pashminas as I source from a overseas supplier I have a great relationship with.

Why do I need a Pashmina?
Pashmina's are perfect for raves & festivals because they’re so versatile.
•You can use it to shield your face from the sun when its hot, or from rain.
•Waiting for the next set at a festival but you're tired of standing? Lay your pash out on the floor to sit or lay down for a bit!
•Traveling through the dusty festival pavements can sure f&@! up your throat! Use a pash to cover your nose when a mask isn’t handy!
•You danced all day in the sun but now its a bit chilly! Use your pash as a blanket and wrap it around you to keep warm.

All of these pashmina's are gorgeous with hand picked color combinations<3

Ships in 1-3 business days from Philly, USA