About Us

Feelin' Peachy

Hi! Im Lexie, owner & designer of Feelin' Peachy.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I've always had an eye for fashion & quality. When I was younger I used to cut up old clothes to make outfits for my Barbie dolls and show it off to my parents. I loved drawing and sketching out my designs then started to teach myself how to sew and studied fashion, lingerie and fine jewelry as I got older. 

Feelin' Peachy focuses on handcrafted festival clothing & rave wear made in Brookyn, New York. All my garments are proudly handmade with love in my studio one by one as I source the most unique fabrics and design beautiful limited pieces. I don't have a team or manufactures. Just true handmade pieces made with sustainability. 

Along with treating our world with kindness, we focus on minimizing waste by using biodegradable packaging. Reducing one use waste starts us as I hope you enjoy knowing our trash won’t contribute to landfills.

Animals are our friend, NOT a fashion statement. We use vegan friendly materials that are free from ANY animal harm such as feathers, leathers & furs. Your purchase helps us make monthly donations to various animal shelters around the world and thank you so much for changing those lives!